Covid-19 Services for International Travel.

Aasha Testing is about to launch a Proof of Recovery from Covid-19 service, in partnership with The Montague Clinic. Certificates can be ordered online and are ready within a few hours. All you need a report of a positive Covid-19 test.

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Aasha Testing is a listed on GOV.UK as a provider of Covid-19 tests for international travel. We offer PCR home testing for ‘Fit to Fly’ tests, and UK arrivals (Day 2). We also have a London Express service for customers in London.

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We also provide a range of options for lateral flow (aka rapid antigen) tests. These test are approved for international travel to most countries. We offer both test kits alone and test kits with validated results certificates.

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… don’t worry, the team at Aasha Testing have put together a guide to help, plus our support team are available 7 days a week.

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At Aasha Testing we are always looking to get you the best deal with your travel Covid tests. We have put together to most reliable suppliers and support team to offer you a trust worthy service.

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