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‘Return to the UK’ lateral flow test.

The UK Government now allows all passengers travelling to the UK to take a pre-departure lateral flow test. We have just launched a reliable, affordable and full accredited service to all Aasha Testing customers.

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‘Fit to Fly’ lateral flow tests.

Most countries now accept a lateral flow (also called ‘rapid antigen’) Covid-19 test pre-departure. We have just launched a reliable, affordable and full accredited service to all Aasha Testing customers.

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Lateral Flow Test for Travelling


What is a lateral flow test?

A lateral flow test involves taking a nose & throat swab, and instantly analysing the sample using a lateral flow testing kit. The kits looks very similar to a home pregnancy test.

The kit detects the Covid-19 antigen, which is produced when a person is infected with Covid-19. If the antigen is present, then a coloured strip on the testing kit will appear to show a positive result.


How to take a lateral flow test.

Lateral flow tests can be taken at home, and the results are visible within 15 minutes. Our test kits come with full instructions, as well as a link to a kit specific instructional video. Here is a generic instructional video, from the UK’s Department of Health & Social Care:

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How to take a lateral flow

Pros & Cons of Lateral Flow Testing.

Lateral flow (aka ‘rapid antigen’) tests offer excellent convenience, but do have some drawbacks. Here are the highlights:

The Pros …

  • Fast result! Most test kits display a result within 15 minutes.

  • The swab sample and test analysis can be done in the comfort of your own home.

  • Lateral flow test kits are usually cheaper than other forms of Covid-19 testing.

  • Lateral flow tests are increasingly being accepted by countries around the world for international travel.

  • A lateral flow test is less likely to give a false positive after you have recovered from a Covid-19 infection, compared to a PCR test.

The Cons …

  • Lateral flow tests are generally speaking less accurate that PCR tests, and have a higher false negative rate than PCR tests.

  • Some countries do not accept a pre-flight lateral flow test results, for international travel. Please check the government website of your destination country before booking your test.

  • There is wide disparity in the quality & accuracy of test kits manufactured. We only use test kits validated by the MHRA in the UK.

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