Day 2 Test

For all passengers arriving in the UK, who are FULL vaccinated against Covid-19, by an approved vaccination programme.

  • PCR testing kits, posted to your home

  • You MUST be vaccinated by a programme approved by the UK Government

  • Results in 1-5 working days

  • Service from our partner lab Oncologica


Fit to Fly

Our RT-PCR Covid-19 test kit, approved self-swab to travel all international destinations (please check the specific rules of your destination country)*

  • London Express service
  • Same day result available

  • Approved for travel to all countries*

  • * NOT accredited for travel to Hong Kong or Jersey

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What is a PCR test?

PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction, and is widely used in medicine to detect the RNA of a specific organism. The sample is sent to a lab where special reagents convert the virus’ RNA into DNA. Millions of copies are then made of the DNA, allowing for the organism to be identified. The results are almost 100% accurate in detecting an infection when there is virus in the sample.


How to take a PCR test.

To maximise the chances of an accurate result and minimise the risk of an ‘invalid’ one, it is very important that the correct technique is used to take the sample.

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Pros & Cons of PCR Tests.

PCR test have become the gold standard for Covid-19 tests, but they can also cause some issues. Here are the highlights:

The Pros …

  • Almost 100% accuracy in detecting if you have been infected by Covid-19.

  • Self taken throat and nose swabs can be taken in the convenience of your own home.

  • Samples can survive transportation over several days to get back to the lab.

The Cons …

  • Results can stay positive for longer, even after recovery from a Covid-19 infection, compared to lateral flow tests.

  • Samples can take several hours to run, although faster machines that analyse samples within 4-6 hours are now widely used.

  • Swabs require throat and nasal swabs, which can be a little uncomfortable, especially for children.

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