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Will your Proof of Recovery Certificate be accepted in my destination country?2022-02-20T19:24:28+00:00

Our Proof of Recovery from Covid Certificate is provided by our sister organisation, The Montague Clinic, and has been carefully designed to meet the requirements of the United States, Australia and most other country.

Because no country in the world has a ‘Official Provider List’ for this type of service, unfortunately it is not possible for any clinic to guarantee entry to a particular country. However we have issued hundreds of certificates to patients travelling all around the world, and so far we have not encountered any problems.

What document do I need to apply for a Proof of Recovery from Covid Certificate2022-02-20T19:18:01+00:00

You will need to upload a copy of the ID page of your passport (we also accept a national ID card).

You will also need to upload a copy of your positive Covid-19 test report.

We are happy to authorise a Proof of Recovery Certificate on the basis of either a positive PCR or positive lateral flow test report. The USA and Australia both accept a positive lateral flow (rapid antigen) test result as evidence of an infection, but not all countries do. Therefore  please check the regulations of your destination country to see whether they will accept a lateral flow result.

How to I apply for a Proof of Recovery from Covid Certificate?2022-02-20T19:18:19+00:00

To apply for your Proof of Recovery certificate, simple complete the assessment form on the product page – CLICK HERE.

The assessment form takes only 4-5 minutes to fill in. You will need to upload a copy of the ID page of your passport (we also accept a national ID card), plus a copy of your positive Covid-19 test report. Both PCR and lateral flow test reports are now accepted by the USA and Australia, and we are happy authorise a certificate for other countries too. However please check the regulations of your destination country to see whether they will accept a lateral flow test.

What are the contents of the Proof of Recovery from Covid Certificates?2022-02-22T12:24:10+00:00

Our Proof of Recovery from Covid Certificate is issued by our partner organisation, The Montague Clinic. The certificate contains the following:

  • The Montague Clinic’s letterhead & contact details
  • A unique serial ID number
  • The date of the patient’s assessment
  • The date of the certificate’s issue
  • The patient’s name, date of birth & address
  • The date and type of the patient’s positive Covid-19 test
  • A statement declaring the number of days it has been since the patient’s positive Covid test
  • A statement to the effect that the patient have been free of Covid-19 symptoms for the past 72 hours
  • A statement to the effect that the patient has had Covid‑19 but is now recovered and not considered to be infectious
  • The signature of the doctor authorising the patient’s certificate (all our doctors are licensed medical practitioners and are fully registered with the GMC)
  • Our clinic’s QR code, containing important information from the patient’s Covid Recovery Certificate. Please note this is not an EU Covid Pass QR code and is not readable by EU Digital Covid Pass Readers.
Does your certificate have a QR code?2022-02-20T19:18:28+00:00

Our Proof of Recovery from Covid-19 certificate has our own QR code of authentication. This QR code contains the principle pieces of information from your document, including a unique document ID code.

Please note that this the code is generated by our own system and is not readable by EU Digital Pass code readers.

However we have so far signed and delivered hundreds of Proof of Recovery from Covid Certificates, and our certificate is approved, validated and signed by fully UK qualified and UK licensed medical professionals; we have not had any problems with our certificate so far.


Do you prescribe controlled medication?2021-12-27T22:41:14+00:00

We do not prescribe any controlled medication.

Where can I take my private prescription for my medication?2021-12-27T22:41:19+00:00

We can send your prescription to any high street pharmacy for you tot collect your medication. We also work with a pharmacy delivery service, who deliver your medication to your office or home, Monday to Friday.

If I need to be referred to a specialist, can I choose whom I see?2021-12-27T22:41:03+00:00

We offer a choice of providers for onward specialist referral. If you have medical insurance we can refer to any specialist or hospital registered with your insurer.

How will I receive the results of any tests/investigations?2021-12-27T22:45:51+00:00

You can choose how you wish to receive your test results. All communication is confidential. Options include text, email and telephone calls.

Are the prices of lab tests, scans & other investigations included in the consultation fee?2021-12-27T22:41:08+00:00

No. Prices of lab tests, scans & other investigations are not included in our standard consultation fee.

Is the cost of a prescription or referral letter included in the consultation fee?2021-12-27T22:42:44+00:00

Yes. We do not charge anything additional for prescriptions and referral letters issued during your consultation. Please note however that your pharmacy will charge you for the cost of your medication.

How can I attend for and blood tests or scans?2021-12-27T22:41:29+00:00

Equilateral’s doctors work with the majority private providers of blood tests and scans. To arrange your investigation we should be able to refer you to a private provider in a location convenient to you.

Can I use my health insurance to pay for my consultation?2021-12-27T22:42:36+00:00

Unfortunately, at this point in time, we are not able to accept payment from health insurance companies.

Will the GP notify my NHS GP?2021-12-27T22:42:12+00:00

At your request we will be happy to email you your clinical notes for you to share with your NHS GP.

Can I cancel my GP appointment?2021-12-27T22:42:07+00:00

Appointments can be cancelled up to 24 hours before for free. Cancellations within 6 to 24 hours will be refunded 50%. Cancellations within 6 hours are not refundable.

How do I book a GP appointment?2021-12-27T22:41:24+00:00

Appointments are all bookable online via our website, Equilateral.Uk

Can the GP manage multiple problems during my appointment?2021-12-27T22:41:33+00:00

Appointments generally for 1 problem, however this is at the discretion of the doctor, and we are happy to address more concerns if safe and reasonable within the timeframe. Double appointments may be required for multiple problems.

How long are the GP appointments?2021-12-27T22:41:39+00:00

GP standard appointments are 20 minutes long. 

Can I get a specialist referral for my private health insurance?2021-12-27T22:41:43+00:00

Yes. Our doctors work closely with the UK’s  top private hospitals and specialist and are happy to refer you on your private medical insurance.

Do I get to choose which GP I see?2021-12-27T22:41:48+00:00

Yes. You have the option of choosing one of our GP.

What type of medical issues can your doctors deal with?2021-12-27T22:41:54+00:00

Doctors at The Montague Clinic are experienced in managing any issue for which you would normally see a GP. Our doctors are also able to arrange blood tests, arrange scans, and refer for imaging and specialist care.

What experience do your doctors have?2021-12-27T22:42:17+00:00

Our doctors are all UK trained, have full registration with the General Medical Council and are all fully certified by the Royal College of General Practitioners.

What is included in my appointment?2021-12-27T22:42:03+00:00

Each appointment is 20 minutes long. If you have complex or multiple issues, it is advisable to book a double appointment.

The cost of private prescriptions and referral letters are included within the price of your consultation.

How will I receive my results?2021-12-27T22:12:13+00:00

As soon as your results are available, we will send your results certificate to you via secure email.

When will I received my kit?2021-12-27T22:40:37+00:00

All UK Arrivals tests are dispatched on the day before your arrival date in the United Kingdom.

All other test kits are dispatched upon purchase, the next working day.

How accurate are the postal PCR tests?2021-12-27T22:43:12+00:00

All PCR tests are processed in UKAS accredited laboratories, and look for the DNA of the organisms. It is the gold standard for Covid-19 testing. As long as you follow the instructions when producing your sample, the results should be completely accurate.

When will I get my lateral flow tests results?2021-12-27T22:43:17+00:00

Your result will be visible on the lateral flow testing device within 15 minutes of doing your test. A validated results certificate will be sent to your email within 2 hours of taking the test.

How quickly will I get my PCR results?2021-12-27T22:43:22+00:00

Your Covid-19 antibody blood test result will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the sample reaching the lab.

Can I change the day of my test?2021-12-27T22:43:28+00:00

If you travel details change then please let us know as soon as possible. If you have purchased one of our motorbike courier services, then you must give us let us know 72 hours before the day of your test.

Can I have a refund if I no longer require the test?2021-12-27T22:43:33+00:00

Please note refunds are only available for Fit to Fly kits. UK Arrivals tests are non-refundable.

We understand that during the pandemic, travel rules & plans can change. We are happy to offer you a refund if your test kits are unopened and received by us. There is a one-off administration fee of £5 per kit for this. Refunds are made once we receive back your unused test kits. Please email us at info@montagueclinic.com if you require a refund with your order reference number.

What information is included on my test result / travel document?2021-12-27T22:42:54+00:00

You travel certificate will include the following information:

  • Your personal details (name, date of birth)
  • If appropriate, your passport or national ID number (only if you uploaded this when you register your kit online)
  • The date and time of your Covid-19 test
  • The laboratory details (inc. UKAS number)
  • Confirmation that you had a RT-PCR Covid Test
  • Confirmation that your test was analysed in a UKAS accredited laboratory
When should I book my ‘Fit-to-Fit’ test?2021-12-27T22:44:02+00:00

Please check the latest guidance of your destination country and book your test within the appropriate timeframe for your destination. Equilateral will not accept any liability or associated costs should you book your test outside the required timeframe for your destination.

How can I book multiple Covid-19 tests for for my family/group?2021-12-27T22:44:26+00:00

As per the UK Government’s regulations, we provide each PCR Covid-19 test with a unique booking reference number. Therefore to book multiple tests, please complete a separate order for each test user.

How long will is test/travel certificate valid for?2021-12-27T22:48:50+00:00

Your test result certificate is a validated statement of when you had your RT-PCR test and the result. The document’s validity does not expire, however most airlines and destinations require your test to be taken within a specific timeframe. Therefore, please ensure that your test is taken as per the entry requirements of your destination country. Visit THIS LINK for more information. 

Can children have a Covid-19 PCR test?2021-12-27T22:44:35+00:00

Yes. For specific details on how to test a child, please visit THIS LINK

You may also find this VIDEO helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xaw8DsF2Igc

Who will see my results?2021-12-27T22:44:42+00:00

Aside from Equilateral and the lab, any positive results will be shared with Public Health England in order to contribute to the national database as well as Test and Trace.

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