OMI-STACLE COURSE: The highly contagious Omicron variant is already dominant in much of Europe, with COVID-19 infection charts pointing almost vertically upward in countries like Denmark, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal. That means Omicron has already escaped the U.K., where it quickly took over after first being detected in southern Africa last month. Even so, EU members have imposed further draconian travel restrictions on the bloc’s newest ex-member over the Christmas holidays. Freedom of movement, or at least what remains of it in this pandemic, seems now more than ever to be a privilege of EU membership.

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WHERE CAN I GO? We’re updating the coronavirus travel tracker , your guide to visiting every EU country, the U.K. and Switzerland — whether from within the bloc or from further afield. France, Germany and Austria are among countries that imposed new restrictions over the Christmas break — read on for details. Please bear with us; we’ll do a full sweep in […]

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